When Christmas Came to the Barrio

Christmas on Aldama Street was always a sad affair. It was never about what we wanted, but what we needed. Underwear. Hairbrushes. Socks. Our house was the 1970s testing ground for Operation Christmas Child; the idea of filling a shoebox with sundries and small … Continue reading

Baffled and Befuddled

I’ve been struggling these last two weeks with change and how it sneaks up on us. Even if we are expecting and anticipating a new event or situation, when it occurs our equilibrium is knocked off kilter. Over Labor Day weekend we moved Design … Continue reading

Why Words Matter: Guest Posting

Happy Friday everyone! Today I end my week with the honor of guest posting over at The Daily Retort, a wonderful blog by Tor Constantino, a fellow writer, best-selling author, blogger and speaker. I love reading his insights and humor and feel privileged to share with … Continue reading

Do not pass go. Do not collect summer fun.

Photos by Sophia Noelle Photography

The smoke from the 4th of July’s rockets’ red glare and the bombs bursting in air has hardly cleared when I open my Sunday paper and discover there is a sizzling sale: get 2 for 1, half price this, and a 1 cent that for….Back-to-School. What the heck?  Continue reading

It’s Summer: Release the Kraken!

I know this is so last week, but does anybody else think it’s kind of ridiculous that Memorial Day is hailed as the unofficial start of summer? Says who? The retail moguls leap-frogging over the real purpose of the holiday to kick-start the summer buying frenzy? The movie studios who are rolling out their latest RoboTransformerAvengerCop Saves the Planet blockbusters? Perhaps. All I know is that Memorial Day has come and gone, and I am most definitely not at the beach or anywhere near anything remotely resembling a resort. I have a Hawaiian screen saver. Does that count? Continue reading