Dancin’ Fools and Wise Guys

Today I am happy to feature a guest poster I have written about in this blog. Mad Scientist, aka my son, Sammy Cowell, looks at the differences between the foolish and the wise. He is a 21-year old majoring in biology and preparing for graduate school.  His observations are refreshing and give us a glimpse into the passion and heart of the Millennial generation. Perhaps us older folks can learn a thing or two from their joie d’vivre and exuberance. I hope you enjoy!


Red Chuck Photography

At times, I feel like I am the most foolish person alive; I have no idea what the heck I’m doing half of the time, careening haphazardly through life like a rubber ball bouncing off the walls in every which way. But, as I begin to ponder, I wonder if anyone really understands where their life is going. Maybe, the difference between the foolish and the wise isn’t in knowing what they’re doing, but why they’re doing it.

The foolish swim with the school, following all of the rules and regulations in hopes that they will be accepted. The wise know that societal constructs do not inherently contain values of truth, and they follow only two rules: love God and love your neighbor.

The foolish never stray out of line for fear of appearing odd and inviting reason for rejection. The wise march to the beat of their own drum, for they know they are accepted and take joy in their oddness.

The foolish seek joy through acceptance; the wise know they are accepted and thus find joy.

The foolish build their identity and pride upon their accomplishments and are quickly demoralized from the slightest blow to their ego. The wise find their identity in Who they know and are humbled by His magnificence and might. They know nothing they do can come close to comparing.

The foolish constantly seek to obtain control, and they are not able to learn from their mistakes because in their minds the problem is always found in the environment, not themselves. The wise understand that control is an illusion, and they learn from mistakes, allowing them to mature and adapt to the chaotic situations presented to them.

In the process of attempting to make life comfortable and manageable, the foolish find themselves in hopeless despair. The wise understand that life is not always smooth sailing, and take comfort in the fact that they are not the captain of the ship.

The foolish shudder at suffering. The wise embrace the pain, for it is through suffering that they grow and find joy.

The foolish leave things unsaid, for fear of pain. The wise speak, for they wish to see healing.

The foolish dance to find love; the wise dance because of love.

The foolish befriend to obtain more venues for receiving; the wise befriend to give away. The foolish live to be satisfied; the wise live to love.

Perhaps, I am wrong in my musings, and time may prove me wrong and change my thinking. But, in light of the above, maybe I am not as foolish as I sometimes think myself to be.

Scrollbar image: Skokie Public Library/Creative Commons

2 thoughts on “Dancin’ Fools and Wise Guys

  1. Sammy
    That is an amazing piece of writing! I was just reading a quote this morning by John Updike, “Memories, impressions, and emotions from your first 20 years on earth are most writers’ main material; little that comes afterward is quite so rich and resonant. It’s obvious that you have a rich mine of insights and I hope we hear more from you!

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