What Makes a Woman Beautiful?

bridal veil

Carlos Mendoza/Creative Commons

I have been a little AWOL on my blog lately, but that’s because I have been crazy busy on some other writing projects. One of them is that I am thrilled to be part of The You Are Project, a digital magazine that encourages and celebrates women on their journey! They just rolled out their first print edition and have some exciting plans for the future. I am joining as the News and Media columnist and just published my first article with them. You can read a little below and follow the link to read the entire story.  If you like it leave a comment there and check back for more articles. I’ll be writing monthly for them. However, I will be back regularly here at Hip Mama Media. Pinky promise!

What Makes a Woman Beautiful?

Standing in the grocery checkout my eye caught the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Yes, that cover. The one with Kate Upton in a semi- natural state surrounded by nature’s beauty. She is a natural beauty herself, and nearly perfect, if the cover is to be believed.

After all, the camera does not lie.

Or does it?

The lines between what is captured by the lens and what is ultimately published on paper or posted digitally have become increasingly blurred in this techno age. Thanks to Photoshop, which celebrated 22 years of pixel magic on Feb. 10, the camera can now manipulate the truth on a continuum from a little white lie all the way up to some truly huge whoppers!

Photoshop is here to stay; that’s a given. No one is advocating a return to the days of film and dark rooms.  I use Photoshop daily in my job. It’s a great tool. What is being debated, though, are the effects of Photoshop on definitions of beauty.

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