Why Words Matter: Guest Posting

"Pinky Promise!" Kennysarmy/Creative Commons

Kennysarmy/Creative Commons

Happy Friday everyone! Today I end my week with the honor of guest posting over at The Daily Retort, a wonderful blog by Tor Constantino, a fellow writer, best-selling author, blogger and speaker. I love reading his insights and humor and feel privileged to share with his audience! Having just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, the concept of honoring  one’s commitments, and how to pass that value on to the next generation, has been on my mind lately.  I hope this blesses you!

Why We Need More Pinky Promises

Some places are more free-wheeling than others. I live in Southern California, the epicenter of the laid-back lifestyle.

Seriously, dressing up for a wedding here means wearing the flip-flops with rhinestones instead of the ones sans bling.

Frankly, I don’t mind since I do, in fact, own several pairs of flip-flops.

I am just that kinda gal.

Unfortunately, our care-free demeanor isn’t just limited to clothing; the downside is when a laissez-faire attitude impacts things that really do matter.

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