Guest Post At No Makeup Required

Today I am happy to be guest posting at “No Makeup Required,” where I am a regular contributor on the Wisdom Wednesdays panel and get to keep company with some pretty amazing ladies! NMR is a “digital haven of wit and wisdom for real women,” founded by Tracy Larson.  Her wonderful website is warm, funny, helpful and gaining media attention. I am honored to be featured. Below is an excerpt of the post.

The Day I Dumped the Diva

I begin the day in the typical way: in a sleepy stupor until I can gulp down that first cup of coffee.  I slap some make up on, and then slap together whatever is clean and hope it matches.  Fuchsia and cyan blue are all the rage now, right? Next I stumble into the kids’ rooms and begin the Glorious Morning Ritual of nagging, bullying and threatening everyone awake.  If I can find two pieces of fairly edible bread and some PB &J then lunch is packed. If not, then it’s every kid for himself in a mad scramble for loose coins in the sofa that can be traded for lunch tickets on the playground.

I catch a glimpse of myself in the foyer mirror as I nag, bully and threaten everyone into the car. Holy Cheesecakes!  Who are you and what have you done with my inner Diva?

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