Guest Posting at Jon Acuff Blog

Today it is my honor to be guest posting on Jon Acuff’s blog. Jon is the best-selling Wall Street Journal author of Quitter and Stuff Christians Like, and a wildly successful blogger. In addition, he is a popular public speaker, addressing business executives, college students and non-profit professionals.  I am thrilled and humbled to share his platform. Below is an excerpt of the  post, “Do Not Disturb.”

I am a writer, so naturally, I love words. And to paraphrase Hannibal Smith of the A Team, “I love it when a (quote) comes together.”  Words effectively strung together have the power to change perspective.  One of my favorites is the ancient Chinese proverb, “Those who say it cannot be done, should not disturb those who are doing it.”

Wow. That is simultaneously convicting and encouraging.

Convicting because I have often been naysayer and a dream killer.

Encouraging because, in spite of myself, accomplishment is possible.

I was reminded of the power of these words recently when one of my colleagues, a quiet unassuming high school English teacher published his book. He didn’t quit his day job; he didn’t ditch his family to live like a mountain hermit undisturbed by the ho-hum routine of life. He just simply determined that he was going to do it regardless of the odds seemingly stacked against him: he has a full-time job; he has responsibilities as a husband and father.  He didn’t let any of that disturb him while he went about the business of getting things done.

For a long time I was shooting down dreams: my own and others. I was a naysayer who bothered the people who were actually accomplishing something: a pesky fly in the ointment of life.  But when my colleague shared what he was doing, I begin asking myself why I was a doubter and not a doer like him?

There are lots of reasons why the naysayers naysay.  But some of the common ones are:

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If you are stopping by from Jon’s blog,  thank you for visiting!  I appreciate you dropping by.  Here at Hip Mama Media, I like to write about the quirky human condition and, of course, writing.  You may also enjoy:

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6 thoughts on “Guest Posting at Jon Acuff Blog

  1. you killed it!

    thanks for being brave and not hiding behind the excuses. i’m sure there were lot’s of times you thought about not submitting the article; but know that your courage has inspired lots of people to be the best versions of themselves, including me.

  2. You know it, Jake! Negative self-talk is so hard to overcome. Yes, I wondered if submitting the article would be a huge mistake and end up embarassing me, but I am so glad I did and it has helped others to put their best out there.Thank you so much for your comment!

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