Baffled and Befuddled

I’ve been struggling these last two weeks with change and how it sneaks up on us. Even if we are expecting and anticipating a new event or situation, when it occurs our equilibrium is knocked off kilter. Over Labor Day weekend we moved Design … Continue reading

The Facebook Campaign in Our Own Hearts

It’s been almost two weeks since Facebook announced it was no longer allowing misogynist content on its site: images of murdered women, young girls being raped, women gagged, bound and beaten with the implied suggestion (under the guise of “humor”) … Continue reading

Ain’t Nobody Got Time fo Dat!

Like any self-respecting mother, I live vicariously through my kids. So, I am learning some cool things about South Africa because Mad Scientist is spending a semester abroad, hanging with the beautiful Zulus and 53 other university students in Pietermaritzburg … Continue reading

Why Words Matter: Guest Posting

Happy Friday everyone! Today I end my week with the honor of guest posting over at The Daily Retort, a wonderful blog by Tor Constantino, a fellow writer, best-selling author, blogger and speaker. I love reading his insights and humor and feel privileged to share with … Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Angus T. Jones

Note: My interview with Angus T. Jones was published today, Nov. 27, 2012 as an exclusive for Christianity Today. The CT article, this post and the images herein are protected under copyright. You may not reprint without permission. If you are an … Continue reading

I Wish I Had a Cool Name

I’ve always wished I had a cool name. Like those celebrities whose first names are so hip they don’t even need a last name: Madonna, Cher, Bono. It started in third grade one day when I realized that every other little Latina was … Continue reading